Public proposals for Third Call

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Fish temporary storage - innovative techniques

Project proposal will elaboate a technical solution for increasing the fish storage. There will be proposed an ice coverage made by natural extracts enriched in bioactive compounds with strong antioxidant and protective activities that...

Adrian Vasile Timar
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Valorization of Marine Resources through Circular Processing and Bio-refining

A coordinator is sought for the joint application to the COFASP ERA-net Third Call in order to form a consortium, in which we could play a role as partners according to our described expertise.

Blaž Likozar
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The BIOMIC-FISH-ID proposal aims to develop a high resolution and cost effective toolbox for detection of genes (genomics) from commercially important species in the various European sea basins (Atlantic, North Sea, Mediterranean and Black Sea). The...

Raphael Sandaltzopoulos
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Biotechnological tools implementation for valorization of byproducts from the crustacean seafood processing industry

Developing more efficient and environmentally friendly processes for manufacturing of chitin and chitosan from shrimp shells, and to produce and characterize...

Kjell Morten Varum
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Aquaculture now contributes more than half of the world’s fish for human consumption. It is seen as the only source that can meet future demand for fish, given static returns from wild fisheries. Europe already has a net deficit in fish supply and needs to increase the...

Kristinn Ólafsson
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