Improvement of the influence of the EMFF via the cooperation between the Member States

COFASP has organised a case study looking at the cooperation between member states in EMMF implementation and how it relates to e.g. ERA-NETS. A workshop was held 24.-25. September 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The workshop addressed questions such as:

Could the cooperation between the Member States improve influence and effectiveness of the EMFF? What the concrete results could be and what could be the potential focus areas and themes?
How the cooperation could work in practice - in project level and between the managing authorities or other actors?
How should the cooperation under the EMFF be facilitated – what could be concrete steps? Can the existing cooperation initiatives be utilized?
What are other important financing instruments that could be utilized to enhance the development of the fisheries sector? How can sound coordination and the best synergies of different financing instruments and other cooperation activities be ensured?