How to apply

Applications are made within a group. Edit group and choose the open call in Call identifier. After saving you wil get two new links in the menu. Use Edit application to write the application.

The group administrator is automatically the project coordinator. Project partners are added by assigning this role to group members in Edit group => Group => Add people or Edit group => Group => People. A special role is the Project editor, who can be a Project partner or an ordinary Group member, and who has rights to act as the coordinator regarding editing the application.

The Project coordinator must create a Project info page and he/she and all Project partners must create a Partner info page and a Partner budget. The budget form to be filled in is modified according to the conditions of the appropriate Funding agency and has a link to the contact person.

The steps in making an application is illustrated in the table below.

Please refer to the following when filling out your applications:

partner is the institute to which the scientist or group is connected.

All limitations to character count includes spaces and symbols.


The following steps (1-4) are required for preregistration:

Step 1: Create new proposal
The group will become an application by selecting an open call. The user who creates a group will automatically become the project coordinator.
Note: you will not be able to see groups you yourself have created in 'public groups'. Instead they are listed in 'My groups'. They are, however, visible to all other users in 'Public groups' (if you have chosen to make your group public).

Step 2: Add user(s)
Add a new user to the group. Optionally, select one or more roles: project partner (member of the consortium), project editor (assist the project coordinator in writing the proposal), none (simply a member of the group with minimal priviliges).

Step 3: Create project info
Fill out the 'project info' portion of the application - when preregistering, attaching a Description of Work (DoW) is not required. The DoW is only required when handing in the full proposals.

Step 4: Create partner info
Fill out the partner information according to the description in 'Guidelines for Applicants'. Make sure that each partner is involved in filling out his/her own portions to ensure that all information is correctly filled.

This concludes the preregistration portion of your application, once you press submit.

The next steps (5-7) are for full proposals:

Step 5: Create partner budget
The budget for each partner. The conditions applied by the funding agency in question for each partner are present in the budget form. Eah partner should ensure that his/her budget is in accordance with the national regulations of the funding agency to which he is applying.

Step 6: Attach a full Part B
Attach the Part B to the application in the 'Project info' part.
You can find the Part B template (.docx) on the call main page.

Step 7: Submit application
The application must be submitted before the deadline. Late entries will be disregarded.