The COFASP case studies

The objective of the case studies is to promote the emergence of joint research programs in fisheries, aquaculture and seafood science between European countries by focusing on specific case studies

The aim is to implement specific regional case studies as test cases in fisheries, aquaculture and seafood.

Through strategically chosen Thematic Case Studies conducted in conjunction with international players, the task will contribute to the knowledge of uptake of science to address sustainability in the seafood chain shared between the different countries. The first goal was to identify case studies on the basis of over-arching key scientific issues and/or regional specificities.

Four topics have been selected:

  1. Aquaculture regional differences
  2. Coordination of EMFF implementation
  3. Regionally integrated fisheries and ecosystem management
  4. Seafood processing – pan-EU challenges

In 2015 there COFASP has arranged a series of workshops in relation to the Case Studies:

23-24 April 2015: European Seafood processing challenges – Stakeholder Conversation

12-14 May 2015, Regional differences in Aquaculture workshop #1, Rome, Italy

16-18 June 2015. Regional differences in Aquaculture workshop #2, Frøya, Norway

23-25. June 2015, Regionally-Integrated and Spatially-Explicit Fisheries and Ecosystem Management” (RISE-FEM) Brussels

24-25 September 2015 Improvement the influence of the EMFF via the cooperation between the Member States, Tallinn,Estonia, (tbc)

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For more on the case studies, see the description of each case studies below.