Work Package 2

The overall objective of this work package (WP2) is to further strengthen cooperation and synergy between major European national funders by analysing national funded research programmes and identify areas of common interest, gaps and possible duplications. The sustainability of the entire seafood chain will be addressed, for each of the three main pillars of the network; aquaculture, fishing and seafood processing. Previous work performed by other networks will be analysed and used together with results from WP1.

National research priorities and future infrastructure needs as well as the required cross-sectorial cooperation and research programmes will be identified and outlined by means of think tanks and scoping groups of international experts. Based on the identified research (in cooperation with WP1) and infrastructure needs, the WP delivers input into strategic plans and overarching research programming initiatives, such as the JPI Oceans, SEAS-ERA and Article 185 initiatives as well as important policy initiatives such as the SCAR SWG on Fisheries and Aquaculture. For each sector, major opportunities and challenges will be addressed in common activities. In most promising or urgent cases, research grants will be advertised within joint calls under WP3. Common workshops for each of the pillars will be organised.

An important aspect of the WP2 is to provide advice on science needed to address how ocean and seashore space might be shared without detriment between the different users, and to develop a strategic plan to support JPI Oceans.