Work Package 3

The overall objective of WP3 is to increase the efficiency and synergistic effects of the European national research funding in the area of fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing. It aims in developing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and improving the procedures and mechanisms of cooperation between and connecting of national funding schemes. The short term implementation of joint activities facilitates directly the coordination of European national research programmes.

Common research interests will be formulated in close cooperation with WP1 – Inventory and Strategy (Task 1.3 Common Strategy) and with WP 2 - Towards Common Programmes (Task 2.1 Identification of priorities, 2.2 Contents of common programs and 4.2 Case studies). The WP 3 intends to utilize existing tools, processes and documents for launching joint calls, based on the experiences achieved in other similar ERA-NETs such as MariFish ERA-NET, SEAS-ERA, SUSFOOD, ANIHWA, and synthesized by PLATFORM and the ERA-LEARN-Toolbox. Financial commitments will be agreed upon and possibilities to use different funding models will be explored. Up to three joint calls on applied research and on support to policy will be conducted.

The aim of efficient and transparent procedures for call implementation will be gained by evaluating of the whole funding mechanisms. Thereon necessary improvements will be applied.

In order to achieve sustainable joint activities and research projects as well as a continued and close contact to the funded project consortia tools for project monitoring will be elaborated and implemented based on a wide experience of other ERA-NETs. The results of the funded projects will be disseminated through workshops targeting the research community and other stakeholders. To improve the efficiency of transfer of the project results into practice, a guideline for beneficiaries and the ERA-NET partners regarding the knowledge transfer will be prepared.

In addition to the active implementation of research projects this WP will provide structures, procedures and documents for call implementation and project monitoring. The aim is to produce a document package that can be used easily to run transnational calls. This work package is the administrative basis for sustainable cooperation between research funders as well as for synergistic and efficient future implementation of joint activities.